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PRODUCTSProfessionally provide community garbage rooms, environmental protection garbage rooms, mobile garbage rooms
Five Core Advantages Rich Manufacturing Experience
  • Reliable quality
  • Equitable price
  • Professional speed
  • Structure of the firm
  • Provide good service
Years of industry intensive

/ After many years of pioneering and innovation, accelerate the pace of development and improve the technical content;

/ Production and design are closely coordinated, and quality and reputation have won recognition.

Reasonable price

/ Can be customized according to different needs, independently produce supporting products;

/ High cost performance, your best choice.

Prompt delivery

/ The company has a stock reserve area, according to the process, there are standards, strict supervision, and guarantee the delivery date;

/ There are hundreds of experienced production teams to ensure product quality.

Light steel structure

/ High-strength steel, can withstand hurricanes above 16;

/ Lightweight steel system wall, light weight, 9-level earthquake resistance.

Sincere service

/ Dedicated to provide a full range of services to customers at home and abroad;

/ Thoughtful after-sales service, let you have no worries.

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Technological innovation Build a new experience

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OUFEIYAJU · COMPANYProfessionally provide community garbage rooms, environmental protection garbage rooms, mobile garbage rooms

Wuxi OUFEIYAJU Integrated Housing Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise that produces environmentally friendly interior and exterior wall decorative panels and light steel houses. The company specializes in the production of metal embossed surface composite insulation boards, exterior wall insulation systems and light steel seismic houses.